Automate your email workflows with ArcoInbox

Increase your productivity with ArcoInbox. This centralized email inbox uses high level OCR recognition to rapidly automate and securely handle every aspect of your email management experience.

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Decrease time spent on manual intervention, reduce money spent correcting human error, and preserve energy otherwise spent sifting through endless streams of emails.

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Automatic handling
ArcoInbox automatically extracts the valid documents and script from emails and sends them into an accurate OCR recognition process. There is no manual scanning or intervention required.

Reliable results
Experience accurate recognition, extraction, monitoring and reporting of your emails with ArcoInbox. Emails that fail to meet the relevant criteria are automatically filtered to an error folder and a notification can be sent to the user.

Cyber safe
All incoming emails are stored and protected in our easily searchable legal archive equipped with a full audit trail.

ArcoInbox Highlights

  • Fully automated processing of e-mails and attachments
  • Accurate recognition of large volumes of document types
  • Suitable for all organization types and sizes
  • Appropriate for invoices and other documents

Services Included:

“Automating the processing of incoming invoices by email resulted in a cost savings of 0.5 FTE

- Toon van Damme, Manager, Accounts Payable Financials, VDAB | Human Resources


VDAB (Flemish Public Employment Service) receives approximately 40,000 invoices per year, more and more electronically. They created a “Radically Digital” strategy to automate this process as much as possible and sought support from ArcoInfo to manage this data.

ArcoInfo Solution

Phase 1 – ArcoInbox Installation: ArcoInbox was installed allowing for fully automated processing and recognition of large volumes of emails.

Phase 2 – Integration: All of the documents were accessible and visible within the legacy software.

Phase 3: Central Archiving: A complete audit trail of the documents was created through central archiving, where documents were securely stored.

Phase 4 – Ongoing Support: ArcoInfo was available for ongoing support in the document management process.

As a result of this solution, there was no longer any human intervention, and as such, there were no lost or misplaced emails. This lead to improved client relations, reduced processing times and reduced costs.

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Effective inbox management and processing

Avoid manual errors
Never miss an email or an invoice again with digital email and invoice management through ArcoInbox.

Improve communication
With increased productivity and efficiency of your email workflow, free up time for improved communications with internal and external stakeholders.

Protect your bottom line
Save time and money by automating otherwise lengthy and demanding email management processes.


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