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Company: Kumpen NV |
Industry: Construction

“ArcoInfo helped us realize our new company strategy in a timely and efficient way, customized to our need.”

- Johan Ceyssens, CEO

ArcoInfo Solutions


Kumpen NV, part of Willemen Group, needed to be able to manage their documents for construction projects in a centralized and easily structured environment.

ArcoInfo Solution

Phase 1 – Digitization: All mail, incoming and outgoing data, emails and faxes had to become available to all people involved in a certain project.

Phase 2 – Integration: Integrating our ERP system Centric was a key decision factor in choosing for ArcoDOCFlow.

Phase 3 – Real-Time Access across multiple sites with control and compliance: In the end we (Kumpen NV) chose Arco for the user-friendliness of its DOMA system products and because it is was the best fit for our specific needs.

Company: KBC Bank |
Industry: Finance & Insurance

“Through e-invoicing, KBC will help clients save time and achieve their digital transformation.”

- Wim Eraly, Senior General Manager Corporate Banking

ArcoInfo Solutions


The Bank recruited Arco for support in the expansion of both its traditional service offerings and overall value proposition for clients using digital solutions.

ArcoInfo Solution

Phase 1 – Digital Transition: Arco resolved this business challenge by developing a joint venture called between KBC Bank and Arco Information NV. offers solutions that help KBC’s customers in the transition from paper to electronic invoicing or e-invoicing, saving time and money.

Phase 2 – Integration: The transition to digital is completely integrated with the clients’ current software so as to allow ease and efficiency for the client.

Phase 3 – Ongoing Support: Further innovative, customer-oriented digital solutions are in development.

The solutions offered by ArcoInfo provides entrepreneurs with more from their banker than pure banking solutions alone. Joining forces with a reliable partner enabled KBC Corporate Banking to deliver a total solution to its clients. What’s more, offering third-party services forms a perfect fit with the Open Banking strategy of KBC.

Company: Saint-Mary University Hospital |
Industry: Hospitals & Elderly Care

“Improved invoice approval process for 3 hospital sites saving time and increasing efficiency.”

- Geertrui Ryngaert, FInance & Administration Manager

ArcoInfo Solutions


Saint-Mary, one of the largest university hospitals, with several locations and departments received annually 50,000 invoices per year, mainly paper documents. The university sought support from ArcoInfo to digitize and automate its invoices.

ArcoInfo Solution

Phase 1 – Digitization: Through automatic three-way matching of PO, Invoice and Goods Receipt, the approval cycle time was tracked and shortened. With a custom Search and Retrieve option, the digital archive now meets all legal requirements and is easily searchable.

Phase 2 – Integration: Integration to the ERP enables automated payments when approval has been given while integrating with the ERP system.

Phase 3 – Ongoing Support: ArcoInfo is available for continued support and capable of adapting to an increase or decrease in invoice numbers.

The automation, digitization and integration of invoices improved the efficiency and saved time.

Company: VDAB |
Industry: Human Resources

“Automating the processing of incoming invoices by email resulted in a cost savings of 0.5 FTE

- Toon van Damme, Manager, Accounts Payable Financials

ArcoInfo Solutions


VDAB (Flemish Public Employment Service) receives approximately 40,000 invoices per year, more and more electronically. They created a “Radically Digital” strategy to automate this process as much as possible and sought support from ArcoInfo to manage this data.

ArcoInfo Solution

Phase 1 – arcoAPX Installation: arcoAPX was installed allowing for fully automated processing and recognition of large volumes of emails.

Phase 2 – Integration: All of the documents were accessible and visible within the legacy software.

Phase 3: Central Archiving: A complete audit trail of the documents was created through central archiving, where documents were securely stored.

Phase 4 – Ongoing Support: ArcoInfo was available for ongoing support in the document management process.

As a result of this solution, there was no longer any human intervention, and as such, there were no lost or misplaced emails. This lead to improved client relations, reduced processing times and reduced costs.

Company: BikeTrace |
Industry: Government

This adaptable and tailored arcoDOMA platform was successfully implemented as a community-wide theft deterrent for bicycle theft.

- BikeTrace Anti-theft Solution

ArcoInfo Solutions


The police force of the city of Mechelen/Willebroek (Belgium) asked our help in organizing an anti-theft solution for bicycles.

ArcoInfo Solution

Phase 1- Document Digitization: Arco in Belgium has a long history of providing document management for various paperwork required in police work (tickets, reports, etc.)  The arcoDOMA solution digitized all the documents for registration, IDs, bike profiles and stored them with full anonymous chain-of-custody audit tracking for retrieval and archiving on-demand.

Phase 2 IoT Based Solution: The local police requested of Arco to provide a smart city IoT based solution to deter and track citizen and municipal registered bicycles to reduce bike theft in the cities. This involved installing 3rd-party sensors in the registered bikes that could be tracked anonymously until reported stolen.

Phase 3- Custom Platform: Arco developed a bespoke solution for bike theft using our arcoDOMA platform. Initial results after the announcement of the program in public news sources resulted in a stark reduction in reported thefts, even before the program was fully deployed.

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Company: Van Dessel Insurance Brokerage |
Industry: Finance & Insurance

“Extra scope for service and advice thanks to document processes being digitized and automated.

- Chris Goovaerts, Chief Operations Officer

ArcoInfo Solutions


Van Dessel Insurance Brokerage sought support from ArcoCapture for their document management processes. The company traditionally received large volumes of policy and claims documents by both mail and e-mail, which required extensive processing time and negatively impacted client relations.

ArcoInfo Solution

Phase 1 – Data Extraction: ArcoCapture was able to automatically capture emails and scan high volumes of mail documents.

Phase 2 – Integration: Existing documents were placed in a digital file, linked to BrioPlus (legacy software), while new documents were filed automatically.

Phase 3 – Ongoing Support: ArcoCapture was available for ongoing support in the document management process.

The result of this solution was reduced processing time, reduced business costs, limited manual cheque processing, improved customer relationships and far more efficient data and document management.