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Turn piles of paperwork into time and money with professional, secure, and automated document capture, classification, organization, and management.

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Reduce operational costs and improve business processes.

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Capture your documents and data
We make it easy to capture, extract, validate and secure your electronic documents. Once captured, the data can be integrated with ERP and CRM solutions to automate workflows.

Reduce your ongoing processing costs
Your time is valuable. Our efficient processes save hours of the normally manual paper flow management. We have no licensing fees, no minimum requirements. We charge you per document processed.

Optimize your electronic file processing with our web portal and secure cloud
Digitize your documents right away without ever needing to install, update, or setup your software or hardware. You are always using the latest version of our software, so there is no need to worry about updates or maintenance.

ArcoCapture Highlights

  • Highly secure and legally (GDPR) compliant
  • Process high volumes of incoming documents of any format, from any channel
  • Works with your existing ERP and/or CRM software
  • Scalable and flexible pricing to suit organizations of all sizes
  • Reduce manual errors

Services Included:

“Extra scope for service and advice thanks to document processes being digitized and automated.

- Chris Goovaerts, Chief Operations Officer, Van Dessel Insurance Brokerage | Finance & Insurance


Van Dessel Insurance Brokerage sought support from ArcoCapture for their document management processes. The company traditionally received large volumes of policy and claims documents by both mail and e-mail, which required extensive processing time and negatively impacted client relations.

ArcoInfo Solution

Phase 1 – Data Extraction: ArcoCapture was able to automatically capture emails and scan high volumes of mail documents.

Phase 2 – Integration: Existing documents were placed in a digital file, linked to BrioPlus (legacy software), while new documents were filed automatically.

Phase 3 – Ongoing Support: ArcoCapture was available for ongoing support in the document management process.

The result of this solution was reduced processing time, reduced business costs, limited manual cheque processing, improved customer relationships and far more efficient data and document management.

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Why firms are choosing ArcoCapture

Highly accurate automated capturing
Using proprietary OCR technology, ArcoCapture is able to recognize data with an accuracy rate of 99.7%. Additional data validation steps can be set up so clients can control validation if they desire.

Quick turnaround times
Next business day SLS means that your documents will not only be accurately processed and validated, but they will be available for use fast.

Capable of high-volume processing
Whether you have hundreds of documents or millions of documents each month, ArcoCapture can scale to meet your needs. With our flexible pricing, you never pay for more than what you use.

Seamless integration with existing ERP and CRM software
ArcoCapture integrates perfectly with all ArcoInfo solutions such as ArcoDOCFlow and ArcoDOCstor. It also integrates with popular ERP tools like SAP™, Exact™, and SAGE™ and with CRM tools like Salesforce™ and MS Dynamics™.

ArcoInfo Solutions

Revolutionize your business with automated workflow solutions from ArcoInfo.
  • No software purchase
  • Pay as you go
  • No maintenance fee

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