Modernize your IT infrastructure with arcoLDM

Remove your old and obsolete legacy software and applications to streamline process efficiency, improve business performance, and create new ways of serving customers.

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Bring your IT infrastructure up to date by retiring old and obsolete legacy software.

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Reduce risk of maintaining older, obsolete and inactive applications

If you are like most companies, your IT infrastructure is a fragile, cobbled-together mess. Maybe you have some systems that are no longer supported by their original vendor, or maybe they just do not work well with the rest of the applications you use. Maybe you have got some applications that were developed in-house by a long-gone employee who knows how it all works but has left the company. And then there are those systems that are so old and poorly documented that nobody even knows what they do anymore. The risk of failure of that IT infrastructure might cause a considerable amount of downtime without having access to a quick fix.

Reduce your operating expenses without adding to your capital expenses

Online data storage reduces expenses. It requires no hardware, internal maintenance, or utility costs. Scalable storage capacity also cuts costs by ensuring you only pay for the storage you actually need. You can move away from the expensive and unpredictable capital budget process as these environments also tend to alleviate some of the burden associated with traditional IT data center challenges like backup and restore, disaster recovery, storage capacity, and business continuity. The challenge of competing for capital dollars internally to support vendor upgrades and backend architecture changes thankfully goes away.


Services Included:

Optimize storage in your ICT resources by converting paper and microfilm pages to meta-enhanced digital files.

Eliminate financial and operational risk
Maintaining legacy systems is costly, creates multiple inefficiencies and is a waste of resources. Ensure that your data is centralized in a safe and secure repository to manage your risk in a better way. Avoid failure or lack of knowledge about obsolete or older software systems, keep your IT infrastructure up to date without an increased cost.

Unique service model
Our service model is flexible and can be customized to your timeline and needs while remaining operational. We understand the complexity and cost of data conversion and/or data migration,

Data Delivery as a Service
Improve your customer relationship by giving them customer / user tailor made solutions for secure data delivery. Always allowing flexibility for the client to choose how their data is delivered.

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arcoLDM Highlights

  • Centralized access to your data
  • Highly secure
  • Easy to search and use
  • Flexible and competitive pricing
  • Scalable "as a Service" model

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