Maximize the value of your digital data using arcoDOMA

arcoDOMA is our software platform where users engage with our software that allows them to act on their data. As an integral part of the digital toolbox for our clients, it provides out of the box low-code configurable functions that enables clients to bring their data to life and make deciions based on data, not guesswork.

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Access to your data at your fingertips with arcoDOMA.

Other Solutions:

Streamline your business processes
Transform intricate business processes into straightforward and elegant workflows. Arco assists in designing automated workflows tailored precisely to your business operations. Use automatic notifications, status updates and project flows to track files, contracts and projects. Allocate priorities, establish deadlines or set up backup workflows.

Configurable data-driven event processing
arcoDOMA is the machine brain of your digital process automation setup. Our configurable rules, rich feature set, and ability to handle data in almost any format, make integration with your proprietary and 3rd party systems seamless.

Private platform
Unlike some other large data platforms, we believe that your data should only be used by you, or those that you give permission to. arcoDOMA puts you in control of your data by deploying our platform with your rules & objectives on your private servers or hosted in our secure cloud.

Seamless collaboration
Centralize all your documents, images, videos and project files into a single user-friendly platform arcoDOMA. Makes it easy to organize, share, store and locate files. arcoDOMA handles a wide range of various document types (text files, spreadsheets, presentations, images, emails, pdfs, xmls, +++) and can scale up to handle millions of files. Truly exceptional and intuitive document management that grows with your business

arcoDOMA Highlights

  • Configurable hardware agnostic, future proof platform
  • Enables event driven actions to power business process automation
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party applications (APIs)
  • Our team partners with you to tailor the platform to your needs

How arcoDOMA Works

This adaptable and tailored arcoDOMA platform was successfully implemented as a community-wide theft deterrent for bicycle theft.

- BikeTrace Anti-theft Solution, BikeTrace | Government


The police force of the city of Mechelen/Willebroek (Belgium) asked our help in organizing an anti-theft solution for bicycles.

ArcoInfo Solution

Phase 1- Document Digitization: Arco in Belgium has a long history of providing document management for various paperwork required in police work (tickets, reports, etc.)  The arcoDOMA solution digitized all the documents for registration, IDs, bike profiles and stored them with full anonymous chain-of-custody audit tracking for retrieval and archiving on-demand.

Phase 2 IoT Based Solution: The local police requested of Arco to provide a smart city IoT based solution to deter and track citizen and municipal registered bicycles to reduce bike theft in the cities. This involved installing 3rd-party sensors in the registered bikes that could be tracked anonymously until reported stolen.

Phase 3- Custom Platform: Arco developed a bespoke solution for bike theft using our arcoDOMA platform. Initial results after the announcement of the program in public news sources resulted in a stark reduction in reported thefts, even before the program was fully deployed.

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Bespoke Arco product solutions built on the arcoDOMA platform

The first B2B purchase software in blockchain with integrated group volume discount functionality to allow SMEs and startups (small end users) to reduce their costs through centralized administration and the validation of automatically generated orders.

DigiDyco specializes in the development of pragmatic digital applications for the clinical research sector. Arco empowers DigiDyco in delivering these document and process driven e-solutions.

ArcoInfo Solutions

Revolutionize your business with automated workflow solutions from ArcoInfo.
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