Experience true innovative digital file orchestration with arcoDMR

arcoDMR is a digital files workflow management software unlike any other. Our integrated digital file management system provides speed, tracking, security, and flexibility for managing your data.

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Documents at your fingertips all over the world.

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arcoDMR is an easy to use digital document management system that makes searching, sharing, indexing and digital document comparison both intuitive and efficient.

ArcoDMR is designed to support your ever-evolving business. We will scale with your business and are experienced in managing simple and small scale document workflows to supporting millions of documents from hundreds of sources.

Our on-premise or cloud storage and legally compliant archiving procedures guarantee the security and protection of your documents, whether in-process or archived.

arcoDMR Highlights

  • Easy to use document management
  • Integration with current ERP/CRM software
  • Scaleable to handle millions of documents
  • Safe document storage and full audit trail

How arcoDMR works

“ArcoInfo helped us realize our new company strategy in a timely and efficient way, customized to our need.”

- Johan Ceyssens, CEO , Kumpen NV | Construction


Kumpen NV, part of Willemen Group, needed to be able to manage their documents for construction projects in a centralized and easily structured environment.

ArcoInfo Solution

Phase 1 – Digitization: All mail, incoming and outgoing data, emails and faxes had to become available to all people involved in a certain project.

Phase 2 – Integration: Integrating our ERP system Centric was a key decision factor in choosing for ArcoDOCFlow.

Phase 3 – Real-Time Access across multiple sites with control and compliance: In the end we (Kumpen NV) chose Arco for the user-friendliness of its DOMA system products and because it is was the best fit for our specific needs.

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Integrated end to end document management and workflow

Easy to use
Through simple configuration (low code), you can organize, orchestrate and manage all of your documents efficiently and effectively.

Cost savings
Through the digitization of document flows under one central solution, companies save on overhead costs.

Rapid customer service
Reduce time spent on manual data entry and file management with our automated document organization system.

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ArcoInfo Solutions

Revitalize your business processes with automated workflow solutions from ArcoInfo.
  • Flexible purchase models: CapEx, OpEx or both?
  • Pay for what is processed. Detailed billing for ROI measurements.
  • Subscription model to ensure you are on the latest versions.

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