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Industry: Finance & Insurance

“Through e-invoicing, KBC will help clients save time and achieve their digital transformation.”

- Wim Eraly, Senior General Manager Corporate Banking

ArcoInfo Solutions


The Bank recruited Arco for support in the expansion of both its traditional service offerings and overall value proposition for clients using digital solutions.

ArcoInfo Solution

Phase 1 – Digital Transition: Arco resolved this business challenge by developing a joint venture called between KBC Bank and Arco Information NV. offers solutions that help KBC’s customers in the transition from paper to electronic invoicing or e-invoicing, saving time and money.

Phase 2 – Integration: The transition to digital is completely integrated with the clients’ current software so as to allow ease and efficiency for the client.

Phase 3 – Ongoing Support: Further innovative, customer-oriented digital solutions are in development.

The solutions offered by ArcoInfo provides entrepreneurs with more from their banker than pure banking solutions alone. Joining forces with a reliable partner enabled KBC Corporate Banking to deliver a total solution to its clients. What’s more, offering third-party services forms a perfect fit with the Open Banking strategy of KBC.