Maximize the value of your digital data using ArcoDATflow

ArcoDATflow is a platform whereby clients can develop (with us) software that allows them to take action on their data. As an integral part of the toolbox for your company, it provides out of the box functions that enables clients to do more with their digital data.

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Bring your digitization process to the next level with ArcoDATflow.

Other Solutions:

Configurable data-driven event processing
ArcoDATflow will be the brain of your process automation solution. Our configurable rules, rich feature set, and ability to handle data in almost any format, make integration with your proprietary and 3rd party systems seamless.

Private platform
Unlike some other large data platforms, we believe that your data should only be used by you, or those that you give permission to. ArcoDATflow puts you in control of your data by making our platform available on your private servers where you control the features.

Hardware agnostic
Device technology is constantly changing, and tying yourself to an integrated software/hardware solution guarantees that you’ll be behind the competition when the next best hardware is released. Decouple the two when you choose ArcoDATflow as your software solution.

ArcoDATflow Highlights

  • Configurable hardware agnostic platform
  • Enables event driven actions to power business process automation
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party applications
  • Our team can partner with you to tailor the tool to your use case

How ArcoDATflow Works

This adaptable and tailored platform was successfully implemented as a community-wide theft deterrent for bicycle theft.

- BikeTrace Anti-theft Solution, BikeTrace | Government


The police force of the city of Mechelen/Willebroek (Belgium) asked our help in organizing an anti-theft solution for bicycles.

ArcoInfo Solution

Phase 1- Document Digitization: Arco in Belgium has a long history of providing document management for various paperwork required in police work (tickets, reports, etc.)  The DOCflow solution digitizes all these documents and stores them for retrieval and archiving as necessary.

Phase 2 IoT Based Solution: The head of the Mechelen/Willebroek police zone requested the configuration of an IoT based solution for reducing bike theft in the cities.

Phase 3- Custom DATFlow Platform: Arco developed a custom-based solution for bike theft through its ArcoBIKEtrace platform.

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Custom built ArcoInfo Product solutions built on the DATflow platform

The first B2B purchase software in blockchain with integrated group volume discount functionality to allow SMEs and startups (small end users) to reduce their costs through centralized administration and the validation of automatically generated orders.

ArcoSMARTsigns is a IoT digital sign retrofit solution for digital sign warnings powered by solar at non-electrified road crossings.

DATflow provides software production to DigiDyco which in turn supplies its stakeholders in clinical research with life science e-solutions that excel in accuracy and simplicity.

ArcoInfo Solutions

Revolutionize your business with automated workflow solutions from ArcoInfo.
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  • Pay as you go
  • No maintenance fee

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